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Day In The Flow was created to help people like you discover their true purpose in life. Through deep reflection and by taking an honest personal inventory of yourself you can identify and focus on the areas in your life you need to improve.

Honest Personal Inventory

Through deep reflection and by taking an honest personal inventory of yourself

Our Focus

Focus on the areas in your life you need to improve.

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist you in walking a path towards peace, fulfillment and happiness.

Edward Wanambwa Bio

Edward Wanambwa is a combat veteran, author and speaker who has devoted his life to sharing his experience,strength and hope with others. Despite his own struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety and PTSD, he has been able to discover a path towards peace, joy and happiness. He discovered the healing power of meditation,self discovery and deep reflection and has now developed a pathway for creating a better and more productive life. Edward has extensively studied Buddhist teachings along with the philosophy of Taoism to tap into the benefits and healing powers of these ancient ways of living to experience a healthy and happy life.


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Suffering 1024 683 admin

One of the four noble truths in the Buddha’s teachings is that life is suffering. Suffering not in the sense of physical pain but suffering as it relates to being unfulfilled and unhappy. This feeling of being discontent is usually…

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Lighthouses 685 1024 admin

While I was recovering from a serious illness someone suggested that I start  sketching and drawing. It seemed like a stange suggestion because I never considered myself to be an artist but I went to an art supply store and…

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Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Yourself 1024 683 admin

In my recovery I have discovered that one of the most difficult things to accomplish is forgiving myself for my past words and actions. I often think about the terrible things I said and did to people and to myself…

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